Welcome to Autumn at The Stillpoint

Well, the nights are getting chilly and the days don’t know what they are meant to be – wet, windy, sunny, hot! But who’s complaining?
At least we are safe and relatively dry after all the turmoil on the planet.
And here at home, its time for doonas on the bed, and warm towels from the heater at The Stillpoint. Yum!

Treat your body to a massage this season – treat it every month or every week. Help it recover from gardening, life stress, changeable weather. Or just as a treat! See you soon…
Coping with World Tragedies
The recent tragedies across our region have left many of us feeling very sad and powerless in the face of such huge human and natural disasters.
With the constant bombardment of images and news we receive in our homes, it is very easy to sink into the shared emotions of grief and loss, that we can see every hour. And now that a little time has passed, its easy to forget all those who are still stuggling to grieve and to recover.

I would like to share with you some guidance that came to me after the Christchurch earthquake. I was at the Deva Premal ecstatic chant retreat and we were singing our love to those affected by the quake. I became so caught up in the emotions of loss and grief and despair, I was unable to sing for crying.
Then a very clear ( and almost stern) voice told me

” They do not need your tears.
They do not need your grief.
They have more than enough of their own.
What they need from you is your love and your strength.
Sing them that!”

So in the same spirit, I suggest that when we are feeling overwhelmed by grief or powerlessness, if we can’t do something physical to help (as few of us can), send your Love & Strength, prayers & Reiki.
When you think of Japan, or Christchurch or Grantham, or the States, send your Love & Strength & Reiki. Send prayers. Send streams of white light. Chant mantra if that’s your thing.
The mantra Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha invokes the Celestial Healer, and is my personal practice at this time.
Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha calls on Ganesh to remove obstacles, and Om Shanti Om, invokes peace.
We shall be doing group healing sends in our Reiki shares, so if you feel to join us in person ( or in spirit at that time), please do. There is a cumulative effect when intention is shared.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om.

Gift Vouchers
A gentle reminder to those of you who received or gave Gift Vouchers for Christmas. Technically, they expire after 6 months (not that I have ever held anyone to it!) but I find if they are not used in that time, they get forgotten.
So call to make a time today – and remember to let me know if you are using a voucher.

Reiki Dates

Reiki Practice Day- an afternoon devoted to developing your energy scanning skills – Byosen Reikan-Ho and Reiji-Ho.
Maleny: Saturday April 30th – 12 – 4pm at The Stillpoint
Investment $10. Please rsvp to book a place.

Reiki Shares – a wonderful opportunity to come and both give and receive Reiki.
Maleny: Tuesday May 3rd- 6pm at The Stillpoint
Tuesday June 7th – 6pm at The Stillpoint
Tuesday July 5th – 6pm at The Stillpoint
Brisbane: Saturday June 25th – 1.30pm at The Gap

Reiki Workshops
Level 1 (Shoden)
Become attuned to the Reiki energy and learn techniques for self-healing and healing family & friends. Workbook & CD provided. Investment: $150.
Saturday & Sunday 4th & 5th June 2011

Level 2 (Okuden)
Develop your Reiki healing further with symbols & mantras to facilitate mental/emotional healing and distant healing over time & space. Workbook & CD provided. Investment: $300
Saturday & Sunday 9th & 10th July 2011

Level 3 (Shinpiden)
Develop Reiki further as part of your spiritual journey.
Please call me if you are interested in this workshop.
Workbook provided. Investment $600
Friday & Saturday 20th & 21st May 2011

Sukhaba Bode Feng Shui

Feng Shui Annual Reports
The annual Qi stars flew on February 4th 2011 at the start of the Chinese New Year. Update your current Feng Shui report with the influences these annual stars bring to your home.
Only $50 if you book before June 3oth.

Flying Stars Consultations
Haven’t had a Feng Shui consult before? Are you interested in discovering the energy patterns of your home?
Call me on 0400 722 786 to book a consult.
Mention this newsletter for a 30% discount when you book.


Friends of mine from the old Audiology days are running an interesting hearing program in Nepal.
Check it out at www.hearingnepal.org

Eagles Reach Sanctuary
A local friend, Valry Sands, is raising money to preserve a very special piece of land at Witta. Go to www.eaglesreachsanctuary.com for more information.

BRIGHT LIFE Coaching Gift Voucher
– mention this email to redeem.
Two x one hour Work-life Balance Solution Sessions for the price of one.
Normally valued at $300. Your investment only $150

Improve health
Revitalize relationships
Increase career satisfaction

Use this voucher before May 30th 2011 and go into the draw to win another complimentary lifestyle balancing session. (valued at $150) Conditions Apply: New clients only. One per person.
Expires July 30th 2011
Contact Allison 0415422949
What you believe you can achieve!

Crystal Light Healing Courses Level 1, 2 and 3
Held at Spicers Tamarind Maleny
Courses beginning May 2011, Early bird special applies if fees are paid by April 2011 see website for details.
Janet Tempest – Accredited Master Crystal Teacher with Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School, Meditation and Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Teacher.
e: jtempest@essenceoflove.biz

Crystalicious Massage with Steph
Steph offers divine crytallicious massage on Wednesdays and Thursdays at The Stillpoint.
Phone her direct on 0447 196 984 for appointments.
Ask about her special offers this month.