My Journey

Katie White

Katie White

It seems my life has been a long journey that is now coming full circle.
I started my professional career as a Speech Therapist back in the 1980’s, then moved on to work as an Audiologist for nearly 20 years.

After a dance with Breast Cancer, I moved to the wonderful Sunshine Coast, and decided to shift my passion for helping others to a new direction. Having been a dedicated fan of regular massage for over 20 years, I decided that this would be my new path, so I retrained as a Massage Therapist and Gendai Reiki Master.
I opened my clinic, The Stillpoint, in Maleny in 2004 and despite the plethora of Massage Therapists in the district, it became a success. So successful in fact, that I got completely caught up in the busy-ness and forgot to look after myself.
In 2008, the universe sent me a big message about self-care by a return match with Breast Cancer. Now over 6 years later, my health is back on track and I am exploring yet more new paths.

EMM-tech AustraliaMy passion for helping others and working with energy is still strong, and an experience with Emmett Technique intrigued me so much I did an introductory EMM-Tech course in June 2012.
I found it so effective, so easy, so gentle that I did another module, then another, and another until finally I have completed  all 12  modules of Emmett Professional training, have obtained my Advanced Emmett Practitioner certificate  and have become an EMM-Tech tutor myself.
My journey with Emmett will continuing, with ongoing revision to hone my skills, but it has added such a wonderful tool that is as gentle on my body as it is on my clients’, I can now see myself continuing to practice for many years to come.



phoenix web & graphic designFinally, my love of all things technical is finding expression in my business PHOENIX Web & Graphic Design, which was officially launched in 2012.

I now have a growing, list of clients whose websites you can view Here.

I am deeply grateful to my clients for supporting my new business, by sharing their business with me.