Reiki Training at The Stillpoint

Learning Reiki for Self-Healing & Spiritual Growth

At it’s simplest level, Reiki is a wonderful gift, to yourself and to share with others.

reiki is loveReiki is both a method of hands-on healing and a personal spiritual path. How you choose to use it, is up to you. Some Reiki practitioners focus on using Reiki for healing, while others focus on its spiritual aspects for their own personal spiritual journey. Of course these two aspects are complimentary to one another and can be developed simultaneously.
The essence of “learning” Reiki is receiving energy from a master, which enables you to connect with Reiki in an instant, anywhere, at any time, to perform healing for yourself or others.
The ability to receive energy is given to each person through a standardized process known as attunement, which opens the pathway for the Universal energy and enables you to resonate as a “little universe within the great universe”.
You become able to contact the Universal energy of Reiki at anytime and make use of it. Once attuned to the Reiki energy, using it is as simple as placing your hands on the area to which you wish to send energy.

I offer all levels of Reiki training as group workshops and individual training.
I also run regular Reiki Share Sessions in Maleny & Brisbane – supportive group opportunites to practice Reiki techniques and receive Reiju (booster attunement). Reiki shares at The Stillpoint are open to anyone who has been attuned to a Usui – lineage Reiki.

Gendai Reiki-Ho training builds knowledge, technique and connection to Reiki energy in a gentle and thorough process, allowing time to assimilate the energy fully, hand-in-hand with understanding.

Level 1 – Shoden – Opening the Reiki channel

Shoden is given over two days, during which you will receive three attunements, as well as information about the history and practice of Reiki. We also practice self-healing techniques and techniques for healing others. A workbook and CD of self-cleansing meditations is provided.

Pre-requisite: None

Investment: $175 (group) / $200 (individual Maleny or group in Brisbane area)

Please contact me for dates or to discuss individual classes.

Level 2 – Okuden – Healing beyond Time & Space

Okuden is given over two days, during which you receive three atunements – for focussing the Reiki energy, for mental & emotional healing & for distant healing over time and space. The use of symbols and kotodama (mantras) will help you focus on these energies until you can access them automatically. Self-healing techniques and Reiki practices are developed further in this workshop.

Pre-requisite: Shoden

Investment: $300 (group) / $350 (individual Maleny or group in Brisbane area)

Please contact me to discuss individual classes.

Level 3 – Shinpiden – Developing your Spiritual practice through Reiki

Shinpiden is given over two to three days. You are attuned to a higher level of Reiki energy and are given a final symbol and mantra to aid your connection to this energy.
Self-development and self-healing are the main focus for this level. Self practice techniques are developed further, and blocks to growth are explored.

Shinpiden workshops are offered when the student is ready, by individual arrangement.

Pre-requisite: Okuden

Investment: $500

Please contact me to discuss individual classes.

Level 4 – Gokukaiden – Becoming a Shihan / teacher

Learn the attunement process & teaching methods for sharing Gendai Reiki-Ho with others.
Not everyone is called to Shihan level. No further attunements are required for this level as the highest attunement is given in Shinpiden. The focus of Gokukaiden is clearing yourself so that you can hold the Reiki energy and transmit a clear and pure Reiki energy to others.
The attunement process for Gendai Reiki-Ho is taught, and materials are provided for use when teaching others.
The timespan for teaching this level will depend on the student and their needs, and training can be arranged after individual consultation.

Pre-requisite: Shinpiden

Investment: $750

Please contact me to discuss individual classes.

Reiju Workshops for Shihan’s – Learn the Reiju attunement for enhancing and developing the Reiki pathway

Reiju is a form of attunement that can provide a temporary connection to the Reiki energy, act as a booster for those already attuned, or provide full attunement if given repeatedly over a period of time.
Reiju returns to the original Japanese attunement practices, though this version has been developed by Doi-Sensei and is not exactly the same as that originally practiced by Usui-Sensei.
Reiju is offered only to existing Reiki masters as it is a form of attunement.

Pre-requisite: Gokukaiden

Reiki Share Sessions

Our Reiki Share is a regular gathering of Reiki practitioners and students.
It is held on the last Monday each month at 10.30am in Maleny, and quarterly in Brisbane.
In each session, participants are given Reiju to strengthen their connection to Reiki and self-cleansing techniques may be practiced or discussed.
Group healing is practiced (we take turns at receiving!) and students have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

Reiki share is open to anyone who practices a Usui lineage Reiki.

Energy Exchange: $5