The Stillpoint News
Winter 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve sent out a general newsletter – Life just seems to become busier and busier –
but mostly in a good way!
I have been studying Emmett Technique for the last 12 months, and have found it to be the fastest, most effective treatment for a wide range of muscular imbalances that I have ever come across. (Yes I am enthusiastic about Emmett!)
Some of the problems that Emmett can help with are:-

  •   Poor balance
  •   Poor core stability
  •   Stiff neck / difficulty turning your head
  •   Forearm weakness / poor grip strength
  •   Shoulder stiffness / weakness / pain
  •   Lower back / hip pain and stiffness
  •   Knee and ankle problems
  •   Feeding problems in babies
  •   Stress incontinence

Of course its not a magic cure for every problem, however I have been seeing some great results in
reducing pain and discomfort and improving stability and flexibility.
It has been effective in helping acute problems (eg improving range of motion and reducing discomfort for a torn rotator cuff) as well as long-standing difficulties (eg improving flexibility, balance and gait after a stroke) It is a treatment that generally lasts well (results don’t just disappear on the way home), but it is
also cumulative – over time, corrections hold for longer and muscles “remember” their new way of moving.
An Emmett treatment for specific problems lasts between 15 – 30 minutes, and costs $45, however it can
also be incorporated into a general massage for improved flexibility.
I am so enthusiastic about the benefits of Emmett, that I am now teaching EMM-Tech workshops.
The first one will be Saturday August 10th in Maleny, and I hope to run at least one more before the end
of the year.
EMM-Tech is an 8 hr short course that is a great introduction to Emmett Technique for practitioners, as
well as a tool-kit of useful techniques for anyone wanting to help themselves, family & friends.
No experience is necessary.
You learn how to

  •   Aid forearm weakness
  •   Improve neck rotation
  •   Aid shoulder pain and flexibility
  •   Improve balance and stability
  •   Apply skills in all age groups
  •   Improve general mobility and flexibility.

For more information go to my website or go to the source
Date: Saturday 10th August
Times: 8.30 am – 4.30pm
Venue: Verandah Room, Maleny Community Centre
Investment: $200
Manual & DVD included.
Places are limited, so booking is essential – If you would like to come to my inaugural workshop, please
let me know ASAP.
If you can’t make the August date, but are interested in future workshops, just let me know.

Holiday Closure

The Stillpoint will be closed for the month of September as my mother and I are finally getting our
holiday in Ireland, Scotland & England. We planned this trip 5 years ago and had to cancel – but this
time we are definitely going!
I will be returning to work on Tuesday October 8th, and will have an online appointment booking system
set up while I am away, so you can book your appointments for my return.

Reiki Workshops & Reiki Shares

I am now offering Reiki workshops for individuals as well as small groups, so please contact me if you
would like information on up-coming dates.
Our regular Reiki Share is now on the third Monday each month at 10.30am – they are open to anyone
who has been attuned to a Usui lineage Reiki – please call me if you would like to join us.
Energy exchange is a gold-coin donation.

Singing Bowls are Back!

For anyone interested, I have some new, larger singing bowls as well as a range of small ones, as well as
new scarves, incense, tea and sandalwood malas.
All goodies direct from Nepal and all funds go directly to support the HearingNEPAL Program.
For more info on this great program go to

My new Stone Circle

My Stone Circle

My Stone Circle

My latest garden creation was set up last month and dedicated on the solstice with the help of beautiful
friends and family.
Prosperity fountainIts centerpiece is a fountain for prosperity and abundance.
It is still a work in progress, however it has a beautiful energy. You are welcome to sit in it and enjoy
when you come for a massage.
Love & Light